Maintaining your air conditioning unit

With most manufacturers, it is a warranty requirement that your air conditioning systems are frequently maintained.

Air Conditioner MaintenanceWe can show you how to do it yourself but a proper clean with an anti bacterial treatment is highly recommended every six months to keep the air inside your home clean and fresh.  This is especially important if you have a baby, toddlers, an elderly person or pets, and more importantly, for people who suffer from asthma.

Keeping your air conditioners clean also means that you will save on your energy bill because if the unit is clogged with bacteria,  grease, fine pet hair, dust and the like, it has to work harder to filter the air in your home.

While professionals we are able to repair your air conditioning system in the event that it breaks down, it is better to have a maintenance system in place.  We are happy to provide maintenance services such as:

  • checking the correct functioning of your unit;
  • checking refrigerant levels and gas pressure;
  • checking for and repairing any leaks in piping or insulation;
  • cleaning or replacing air filters only;
  • resettling the thermostat and ensuring that it is correctly calibrated;
  • ensuring that fans are operating correctly;
  • ensuring that the unit is operating as quietly as possible;
  • sanitising flush for excessively blocked filters;
  • anti bacterial treatment;
  • checking for rodent access into outdoor units – a common problem in winter months;
  • checking correct settings are used for optimal function and economical use.

Operating your air conditioning system economically

optimal air conditioner temperature

Cooling to 24 degrees

  • Close off areas in your home that does not need air conditioning;
  • Close doors and windows;
  • Close blinds and curtains in very hot weather – outdoor blinds are very effective;
  • Set your cooling to 24 degrees;
  • Do not keep switching it on and off. Allow it to run to cool your home. Frequent switching on and off makes the equipment work harder;
  • Clean the filters every two weeks when used every day.  You will be surprised how much dirt accumulates;
  • Have your system checked by a professional every six months