Ansat Electronics service area

We proudly service the entire Brisbane and surrounding areas stretching from Noosa down to Coolangatta.

Our mission

  • To have an ongoing relationship with our customers from the first time we meet to offer not only quality products but also a professional after-sales service
  • To provide our customers with useful tips and innovative ideas to add to the quality of life in the comfort and relaxation within their own home
  • To allow our customers the freedom to make choices that suit their taste and budget
  • Service with a smile and friendly, personal attention to detail
  • Systems that are simple and easy to use, and providing instruction for more complex equipment, keeping up with the latest technology




Our founding director started as an apprentice, working for a major television manufacturing company when television was very new to the world.  He qualified as a television technician and later started his own business.  Andre has kept up with new and emerging technology to incorporate the latest systems into what we offer as a company today.

During 2003 we included air conditioning into our line of business, bringing with it work opportunities for the younger generation – Paul and Dael.  As a family business, we place a happy home as first on our list of priorities and endeavor to portray this in our work practices.

Licensing Information

Contractor Licence 68389
Air conditioning Licence L000324
Refrigerant Trading Licence AU18280